www.giscience.it is a project focused on GIScience. The initiative, born in early 2003 after an original idea of Ezio Crestaz and Anna Spinaci, has been addressing the increasing demand for high quality learning support in the emerging field of geographical information applications development and analysis, while trying to extend the debate on GIScience and its applications in the environmental and socio-economic fields. High academic and professional profiles of project staff guarantees quality targets.

All courses programms promoted in previous editions are still available online at web site Courses section. Members section, freely available after registration, provides original contributes (papers, M.Sc. and Phd theses) and Web resources references (education, job, web sites of interest and events) relevant to GIScience.

London Profiler: e-social [Authors: P. Longley and M. Gibin, 2007] Graoundwater salinization in coastal area of Sangro valley, simulated in FEFLOW 5.3FM [Author: Tatangelo F., 2006] Percentuali schede bianche alle elezioni politiche 2001 e 2006 [Crestaz E., Gibin M. e Spinaci A.] - Fonte dati: Diario, anno XI, N.46, p.9. Visualizzazione in ambiente ESRI ArcGIS 9, secondo i principi di design cartografico discussi in: Tufte, 2001. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Graphics Press, Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

Training program


www.GIScience.it organizes customized training courses at both private Companies and public Institutions

for info keep in touch info@giscience.it


A hands-on introduction to databases and geodatabases

Object oriented model, software engineering, Python pogramming

Period: 8-9-22-23 may and 12-13 june 2015



Design and development of GIS software applications

Object oriented model, software engineering, Python pogramming

Period: 8-9-29-30 may and 12-13 june 2015

Courses take place at the Environmental Education Center Casa Archilei, located downtown in Fano (PU), close to major communication links.

Casa Archilei: May flowers [Photo: Ezio Crestaz] Casa Archilei: classroom view [Photo: Ezio Crestaz] Introduction to GIS and VBA /ArcObjects programming for ArcGIS: participans, 2005 Paola and Alice, 2003 Simone, 2003 Enrico and Ezio, 2005 Introduction to GIS and GIScience, 2007 Marco, 2007 Desirée, 2007 Anna and Desirée, 2007 Studying, 2007 Informal discussions outdoor, 2007 Participants from Abruzzo, 2007 Business Geographics and Geodemographics, 2007 Business Geographics and Geodemographics, 2007 Maurizio, 2007 Informal discussion: Maurizio and Giuditta, 2007 Ezio and Sebastiano relaxing, 2008 Ezio, Riccardo and Sebastiano relaxing, 2008 Demis, Riccardo and Sebastiano relaxing, 2008 Introduction to GIS and GIScience, 2008 Introduction to GIS and GIScience, 2008 Andrea and Riccardo, 2008 Demis and Sebastiano, 2008 Ezio, 2008 Andrea and Riccardo, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Lunch, 2008 Lunch, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Maurizio, 2008 Cinzia and Felice, 2008 Paola, 2008 Giulio and Marco, 2008 Lewis, 2008 Maurizio and Riccardo, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, 2008 Relax by night, 2008 Relax by night, 2008 Betty and Adolfo, 2008 Letizia, Luigi and Michele, 2008 Cinzia, Seba e Pietro Noah, 2008 Fano by night, 2008 Fano by night, 2008 Cesare, Michele, Riccardo and Sebastiano 2008 Maurizio and Riccardo, 2008 Marco and Maurizio, 2008 Enrico Tosi, didactical activities responsible Casa Archilei, 2008 Google Maps Mashups, last day VBA/ArcObjects, 2009 Matteo, 2009 Lunch, 2009 Introduction to GIS and GIScience, 2009 Water lily, 2009 Giulio, Maurizio, Ezio and Marco, 2009 Kazuyo, 2009 Google Maps Mashups, 2009 Google Maps Mashups, 2009 Claudio and Mauro, 2009 Anna and Maurizio, 2009 Google Maps Mashups, 2009 - final lunch Lunch, 2009 Lunch, 2009 Maurizio, 2009 Informal discussions, 2009 Francesca, Paola and Mariella, 2009 Google Maps Mashups, 2009 Google Maps Mashups, 2009 Riccardo, 2009 Maurizio and Giulio, 2009 Cesar e Ezio, 2009 Paola e Irma, 2009 Informal discussion: Maurizio e Cesar, 2009 Informal discussion: Maurizio e Cesar, 2009


Design and development of a prototype addressing spatio-temporal environmental vector data management, analysis and delivery using Open Source technology.

General framework and case study focused on groundwater management in a coastal area

Ezio Crestaz

(6,89 Mb)


Modellizzazione spazio-temporale delle dinamiche di uso del suolo ed analisi comparativa di differenti approcci preditivi

Uso integrato di SIG e Telerilevamento nello studio dei processi di deforestazione nella regione La Joyanca in Peten, Guatemala

Marco Follador

(11,511 Mb)


Le Sertao Mineiro: un territoire à la recherche de ses paysages et de ses identités

Fernanda de Andrade Pinto Rennò

(33,995 Mb)


PublicProfiler, UCL - Department of Geography

The publicprofiler worldnames website utilises a range of new and up to date data sources to examine where in the world people with your surname are found



Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)

Digital Terrain Model at world scale, available for free, 30 mt resolution for the USA and 90 mt oter wise.

Global Land Cover Facility



Landsat imagines available for free

USGS (US Geological Survey)

Landsat 7 ETM


Follador M., Villa N., Paegelow M., Renno F. e Bruno R., 2008. Tropical deforestation modelling: comparative analysis of different predictive approaches. The case study of Peten, Guatemala. Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Editor website


USA presidential elections

Spatio-temporal cartography of vote distribution in 1992-2008

The New York Times


London Profiler, UCL - Department of Geography , CASA (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) e NCeSS (National Centre for e - Social Science)

Google Maps visualization of socio-demographic data of London

London Profiler


Southwark Primary Care Trust, UCL - Department of Geography e CASA (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis)

Socio-demographic analysis in Southwark borough, London

Southwark Atlas of Health


AIGA - Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata e Ambientale

Web site devoted to applied geology and environmental sciences






Master in applied coastal sciences

Parma (Italy), academic year 2010/2011


Course: "Valutazione Ambientale Strategica (VAS) dei Piani Urbanistici Comunali"

Trento, 16-17 June 2010


Terze giornate Triestine degli utenti gvSIG

Trieste, 13-14 April 2010


Italian DHI Conference 2009

Turin, 6-7 October 2009


Summer school in Geography of Tourism "Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) for Tourism Planning"

Rimini (Italy), 7-11 September 2009


29th ESRI International User Conference

San Diego (USA) 13-17 July 2009


The 2009 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2009)

Yongin (Korea)., 29 June-2 July 2009


VESPUCCI Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science

Firenze (Italy)

29 June - 3 July"Cognitive Processing and Representations of Place, Space, and Time "

6-10 July"INSPIRE implementation"


IV Meeting GIT - Geology and Information Technology Group

Cagli (Italy), 15 - 17 June 2009


Agile 2009

Hannover (Germany) 2-5 June 2009


X Meeting degli Utenti italiani di GRASS-GFOSS

Cagliari (Italy), 25-27 February 2009


GeoWeb 2009

London (UK) 13-14 January 2009


VIII International Geostatistics Congress

Santiago (Chile) 1-5 December 2008


GIS Day 2008: tenth anniversary

World - 19 November 2008


GIScience 2008

5th International Conference on GIScience (including various workshops)

Park City, Utah (USA) 23-26 September 2008





People from following companies and universities participated in our courses:



Comune di Ascoli Piceno - Urbanistica


Comune di Fabriano - Programmazione e SIT


Comune di Fano - CED


Comune di Senigallia - Urbanistica


Comunità Montana dell'Esino Frasassi - Servizio programmazione urbanistica


CRA-SCA - Consiglio per la ricerca e la Sperimentazione in agricoltura - Bari


CSI Piemonte - Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo Piemontese


ERVET S.p.A - Bologna


G.R.T.A. - C.I.N - Cesena






Provincia di Macerata - Viabilità


Provincia di Pesaro - Servizio statistico


Regione Emilia-Romagna - Direzione Generale Ambiente e difesa del suolo e della costa


Regione Valle d'Aosta - Formazione individualizzata finanziata dal Fondo Sociale Europeo






Università degli Studi di Urbino - Istituto di Geologia Applicata


Università di Milano - Dipartimento Scienze della terra


Università di Pisa - Facoltà di Veterinaria - Dipartimento di Produzioni Animali


Università Politecnica delle Marche - Dipartimento Scienze ambientali e delle produzioni vegetali






























Centro Didattico di Educazione Ambientale Casa Archilei, Fano G. d'Annunzio University, Chieti e Pescara Dipartimento Geotecnologie per l'Ambiente ed il Territorio

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