Current courses fall within a structured learning path, focusing on a step-by-step analysis of foundation principles of GIScience and its applications in the environmental and socio-economic fields.

The introductory course on GIScience and the Seminar on Business Geographics & Geodemographics can be considered as propedeutic to spatial software development courses in VBA/ArcObjects for the ESRI ArcGIS 8/9 environment and JAVA for distributed systems.

Specific focus is then devoted to the environmental sector (EISs - Environmental Information Systems), including the management of complex protection and remediation projects in the framework of the Italian and European legislation and the implementation of groundwater numerical flow and transport models to support decision making process.

Well-established part-time and distance learning principles, typical of most post-graduate education in UK and USA, have been adopted. Learning calendar tends to make the course accessible to participants living far away while optimizing their learning curve thanks to a balanced solution of formal lectures in class and home study.


In the framework of the current edition of the project, courses calendar for spring 2015 is defined as follows. Please contact for further information about the other courses.


GIScience Introduction to GIScience      
Principle and techniques for application development, visualisation and spatial analysis       
GeoDB A hands-on introduction to databases and geodatabases      
  A two-sections foundation course with examples in MySql, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle XE and ArcGIS/MsAccess for the design and development of Relational (I) and Spatial Databases (II)      
Business Geographics & Geodemographics (Seminar)      
GoogleMaps GoogleMapsMashups      
Principles and Applications       
JAVA Object Oriented JAVA programming for GIS applications development      
MAS Applied groundwater flow and transport modelling      
Groundwater management at regional scale for water supply policies assessment and at local scale for environmental remediation of contaminated sites      
Python Design and development of GIS software applications      
Object oriented model, software engineering, Python programming and its role in geoprocessing in ArcGIS      
VbaArcObjects Design and development of GIS software applications      
Software engineering, OO and components models, programming in VBA/ArcObjects for ArcGIS 8.x/9      
WebMapping Design and development of Web mapping applications      
A course on theory and practice in GeoWeb 2.0 mashups design and development, integrating Google Maps and OpenLayer web services and spatio-temporal PostgreSQL/PostGIS database      

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