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The recent technical developments in the world of GIScience and the growing role of the Internet as an infrastructure for sharing of geographical data, has fuelled a massive migration from static to more dynamic webmapping applications. The diffusion of Google Maps and Google Earth with the availabilty of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) stimulates user to develop various web application that allow to visualise and access geographic inforamtion in a fast, easy and effective way. These web applications that incorporate the principles of O'Reilly's Web 2.0, are pushing towards the creations of new standards that the major actors in the geographic information's market (ESRI, Oracle, ecc.) are willing to adopt. The crash course's final objective is to provide an overview on the state of the art technology and principles of Google Maps Mashups with a particular reference to the APIs. Some of the course topics will be presented by the analysis of London Profiler, a website developed at CASA/UCL (Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis - University College of London) for the visualisation of population and socio-economic data. London profiler is one of the very few example of map mashups using geographical areal units.

London Profiler: e-social [Autori: xx]


Course program will focus on::

GIScience project

The course is part of a wider learning project in GIScience and GIS, applications and geographic mashup development, environmental applications. Supported by high-level professional and academic profiles, the project includes following courses:

Following a complex and coherent learning path, after traditional part-time and distance learning philosophy, the course has been based, since its first edition in 2003, on both formal classes and self-learning periods, making course accessibility easier and learning objectives realistic


ArcGIS 9™, GoogleMaps Creator, text editor.


Who is it for?

Professional working for both private and public sector, graduate and post-graduate students in similiar disciplines, interested in geographical information dissemination issues, in the framework of most recent developments of Web 2.0 and Google Maps.


Location & dates

The course will take place at the Environmental Education Centre Casa Archilei , located in Fano (PU) and easily accessible from major transport links. The course will have a duration of 16 hours. The course will be held on 17 and 18 June 2011.




Course fees are 450€ + VAT (20%), to be paid in a unique instalment before starting date. Fees are reduced to 400€ + VAT (20%) for participants with their own notebook. Further fees reduction is applicable, based on conditions stated below.


Registration before March 31th, 2011
Participants in previous GIScience courses promoted by
Students regularly enrolled in degree, post-degree and Phd courses at italian or foreign universities at the moment of registration
Education Institutions, public and private companies enrolling more than one person










At the end of the course, participants will be awarded a Completion certificate.


Didactic material

Partecipants will be provided with full documentation about relevant course issues.

Following reference textbooks are recommended:



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