Environmental project management

Legislation, technical, management and communication issues

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The course aims at presenting and critically reviewing reference guidelines for correct and effective technical management of environmental protection and remediation projects , starting from emergency containment up to integrated soil and groundwater reclamation projects.

Chemical Site [Autore: Ezio Crestaz]

Both Italian and European laws (DM 471/99, Guidelines on waters issued by the European Commission and in progress D.Lgs. “ Norme in materia ambientale ”) state technical and legal reference framework of environmental projects, addressing their strong multidisciplinarity, from environmental sciences (geology, chemistry, biology, toxicology), to geoinformation science ( e nvironmental information systems, hydroinformatics) and engineering.
The complex and multidisciplinar nature of environmental management practice demands for highly specialized scientific and professional profiles, addressing the integration and law requirements in a clear and strategic perception of projects scopes.

Building the reference conceptual model is the first step of each environmental project. Based on paleogeographic studies and an overall assessment of environmental site history (productions, infrastructures, assignations), characterization activities lead to a data mining process , focused on transformation from raw data to information and geo knowledge . Interpretation of geometrical framework and of hydrological/hydrogeological properties distribution, in a geospatial analysis and time-dependent perspective (e.g. surface and groundwater hydrology, quality), are next fundamental steps in the process, imposing the respect of a rigid data management and documentation (metadata) protocol. This complex process leads to technical/scientific interpretation, quite often, demanding for analytical and numerical modelling addressing both cognitive and predictional purposes.
The textbook “ Bonificare i siti contaminati ” by R. Barberis and C. Mariotti is adopted in the course.

Programma del corso

The program is drawn after environmental legislation and an in-depth review of fundamental steps in environmental protection and reclamation projects.


Fundamental best-practice principles are reviewed in the framework of the Italian legislation in force, DM 471/99, and face to the in-progress legislation (D Lgs. “Norme in materia ambientale”).
Sequence of main steps in environmental remediation projects, as stated by legislation, address the requirements of a progressive in-depth understanding of technical issues and economic impacts, starting from a rough preliminary conceptual model to final project approval. Site conceptual model, initial investigation plan, characterization activities, environmental data management, preliminary remediation project, pilot tests, risk analysis and definitive reclamation project/permanent containment intervention turn to be the main phases of the overall process.



The course does not require any software.

Who is it for?

Professionals working for both private and public sector interested in environmental issues related to remediation, planning, management and communication. The course requires a strong interest in the subject and the capacity to work at home pursuing the objectives. The structure and the textbook support this approach by allowing long periods of time between lessons and by giving a well known reference manual.

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At the end of the course, participants attending at least 70% of the lessons will be awarded a Completion certificate.

Didactic material

Partecipants will be provided with a CD documentation course and with the textbook: Barberis R., Mariotti C., 2001. Bonificare i siti contaminati, Maggioli Editore.

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